Meat Liquor

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and my boyfriend and I finally decided to leave the house and engage with the day. Five minutes later we reached the point of peckishness. It was a choice between a snack and home for a meal later or heading out for an early dinner. My boyfriend suggested going to Meat Liquor. He’d walked past it a couple of times and been tempted by the meaty odour wafting from the entrance. The prospect of a lengthy queue aside (strict no bookings policy you see), we decided to give it a try.

We arrived late afternoon and were already the fifth group in the queue. Through the frosted windows we could see the place was packed. The scent of sizzling grilled beef was tantalising. There was even some light drooling as waited.

By the time we were seated it was 6pm. We were fortunate to be given a space of our own. It was clear that other tables were accommodating more than one group.

In terms of the menu, Meat Liquor certainly lives up to its name. The centrefold consists entirely alcohol. Starters are greasy classics and choice of main is pretty much burger, burger or burger. Well unless you’re prepared to bear the shame of ordering from the “rabbit food” section.

We decided to share a starter of buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce for starters and both went for the “dead hippie” burger, sharing a portion of fries. This burger consists of two patties, lettuce, onions, pickles and american cheese. We were a bit worried that two patties might be too much, but were reassured by the staff that the patties were smaller. More on that later.

I should have mentioned that my boyfriend is American, so can testify to the authenticity of this style of food. Unfortunately in this case the buffalo wings failed completely. Hot buffalo wings they were not, in fact I couldn’t detect any spiciness at all. To be fair though, the meat itself was flavoursome and succulent. Onto the burgers. Here the disappointment really set in. We both took one bite and looked at each other, waiting to see what the other thought. The burger was really greasy. Hours later and having washed my hands several times I could still feel the oil on my hands. We needn’t gave worried about the burgers being too filling, they were surprisingly small. Thank goodness we had starters and fries. And while the flavours were good, they weren’t great and to be honest I thought the burgers were overcooked.

I could talk about the decor, as other reviewers have, but quite frankly I’m far more interested in the food. And to be honest I wasn’t that impressed. Call me crazy, but I wish we’d just gone to Byron where the queues are shorter, the burgers are bigger and better and the chocolate malt milkshake puts a smile on my face every time.


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