Apple, onion and gruyère tart

It’s Sunday morning and we’re chilling out on the couch while I wait for my pastry to chill and my filling to cool. Brunch today is an apple onion any gruyère tart. It’s from a wonderful vegetarian cookbook, —. I bought it years ago got a vegetarian friend of mine and never quite got around to giving it to him. I know, I’m a bad friend, but I’ve gotten far more use out of this cookbook than he ever would have. It’s become one of my go-to cookbooks for brunch recipes. I also found the recipe online at

This is the first time I’ve tried this recipe. The type of apple to use isn’t specified, so I’ve decided to use granny smiths. I think the tartness will contrast nicely with the sweetness of the onions and the heat of the mustard. Also, granny smiths are my favourite apple and you’ve got to go with what you enjoy. I’ve also used butter in the pastry instead of margarine because I think it gives a better flavour. However this meant that I needed about 100ml of water instead of the two tablespoons specified in the recipe. The other alteration I made was to use thyme instead of a generic dried herb mix. There’s an onion and thyme tart recipe in the same cookbook, so I feel confident that these will work together.

Interestingly, both the recipe in the book and the one online both neglect to indicate when to integrate the cooked onion and apple into the tart. It seemed most logical to mix this into the egg mixture at the same time as the grated cheese. The other option would have been to add the onion and apple mix into the tart then pour the egg mix on top. However I thought this might lead to a layered effect in the tart, rather than a fully integrated filling.

It all worked out beautifully. The gruyère on top melted beautifully and developed a rich golden colour as it baked. And it tasted fantastic, although the apple was a little overpowered by the cheese. Something to think about next time. Other learning was that the pastry needed about another five minutes of blind baking before I added the filling. Otherwise, great recipe and definitely worth trying!