The Great Queen Street

Another friendly catch up session led to exploration of the menu at The Great Queen Street. This venue is owned by the wonders behind the Anchor and Hope gastropub in Waterloo. Just writing those words has me drooling at the memory of the delectable meal there, with the best rib of beef I have ever eaten. We were unable to book a table so ate at the bar instead. The only problem with this arrangement was that my scrutinisation of other patron’s dinners became rather obvious.

Upon arrival I was provided with two large slices/chunks of sourdough from St John’s (another recent recommendation that I will have to try in the near future) with pots of butter, sea salt, and cracked pepper. The bread was softly and flavoursome and I had to restrain myself from eating all of it. While waiting for my companion to arrive I perused the culinary options available. The Great Queen Street has both a daily dinner menu and a daily specials board. While the menu wasn’t extensive, there were so many mouthwatering dishes that what was offered was more than sufficient. I would have loved to have tried the 7 hour cooked shoulder of lamb for four, and the daure of beef limousin for two looked and smelled amazing.

Despite the range of tempting options, it didn’t take us long to make a decision. For starter we shared a plate of rillette. There portion was so large it could almost served as a main course for one. Not that this was a bad thing! The pâté was delicious. It was somewhat coarsely made, creating a wonderful contrast in textures between the still fibrous meat and the silkiness of the surrounding puréed flesh. Accompanying it were cornichons and bread toasts. My only suggestion for improvement would be more of the latter. Two toasts was far too little for that amount of pâté.

For main we ordered the rabbit, snails, and spanish rice and the cold roasted saddle of kid and agreed to share. Both excellent choices. The rabbit dish had the taste of a paella but the consistency of a risotto. The snails were perfectly cooked and while the flavours were strong, no one element overpowered any other. The cold roast saddle of kid was also stunning. Thin slices of meat and stuffing served with a simple salad of asparagus and salad leaves with a very light dressing. Here the kid was the clear star of the meal, as it very much deserved to be.

It was a really lovely meal accompanied by slightly too much red wine and excellent company. It also has to be said that the service was excellent. Staff were friendly, and competent in their recommendations. I will definitely be returning!


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