Chicago Ribshack

Ahh the Ribshack! Aptly described to me recently as “trashy, but not”. With the lack of Chicago-style pizzas and hotdogs available in London, periodic visits to the Chicago Ribshack to satiate my boyfriend’s desire for food from home have become the norm. Saturday turned out to be one of those days when the cravings struck.

Based in Knightsbridge, it has a surprisingly down to earth and relaxed atmosphere. Music is 80s and 90s classics and there’s always a movie from the same era being screened. At this most recent visit we caught the tail end of Turner and Hooch, all of Big and the beginning of The Lost Boys. As I said, classics!

We didn’t have a reservation and were advised upon arrival that would have an hour-and-a-half wait. We headed upstairs to the bar area for cocktails and some salt and pepper chicken wings in the interim. It was the first time we’d eaten from the bar menu. The wings were crispy, but not greasy and served with a creamy dip and celery sticks. I was left reflecting on my buffalo wings experience at Meat Liquor (see blog post dated 1st February 2012) and suspect that the Chicago Ribshack could be trusted to do a better job. In the end, we only waited about half an hour before being seated. Great in terms of shorter waiting time, but if we’d known we wouldn’t have had a snack to tied us over.

Sadly, we have been so often that we have our order down pat and no longer need to look at the menu. Two full racks of babyback ribs with fries and “the other bits” to share. The latter are a recent addition to the meal, but who can say no to crispy, spicy chinks of fried potato? The ribs are served with barbecue sauce, coleslaw and corn. Ignore the corn, they always overcook it. I also highly recommend the onion loaf, however it is huge and is best shared amongst at least four people. There are other options on the menu but when the ribs are this good, you know you’ll only be disappointed if you try anything else.


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