Meek and Wild

Heading home this evening we noticed that a new fishmonger, Meek and Wild was having a bit of a launch party. We lingered around the front window blatantly snooping and were soon invited inside. Free alcohol is always a good way to get people into a new store. Great produce is the way to make sure people return as customers. Meek and Wild had both.

We were treated to an array of seafood and seafood products. Fresh oysters were shucked in front of us and served with a red wine vinegar and shallot dressing or a cucumber pickle made by one of the staff. The cucumber pickle was really interesting, and surprisingly good. It complimented the oyster while emphasising the cucumber as a flavour in its own right. Apparently the recipe was created by one of the staff members. I unfortunately missed out on the cold smoked salmon, but the hot smoked salmon was delicious. Very gentle, subtle flavourings. The smoked mackerel was really good and there was a mackerel pate available that was to die for. I will genuinely be heading back there tomorrow to buy some. I also really enjoyed the taramasalata, which usually I find a little wrong. This one had a gentle seafood flavour that almost had a sweetness to it.

I was very excited to see that they had sourced Arbroath smokies. Having read and heard so much about the unique flavour of this smoked haddock and seen how difficult it is to obtain in London, I was excited to indulge my palate in this new flavour. My conclusion is that it is definitely a positive development that these are now so readily available. Another interesting product was the smoked sprats. I was encouraged to eat them whole. That’s head, tail and everything in between. They had a surprisingly subtle flavour (as opposed to “fishy” fish like mackerel) and eating the bones created a pleasant contrast in texture with the meat. I’ve no idea how to cook with them (tapas maybe) but this might be something I need to investigate.

Overall I was impressed by the products I sampled at Meek and Wild and will certainly be returning as a customer. I feel some seafood recipe experimentation coming on!


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