Double chocolate chip cookies with marshmallow

I friend of mine gave me a copy of the Cox Cookies and Cake recipe book. I’ve never been to the store, but the recipes are certainly an exercise in indulgence. Having already prepared two types of cupcakes from this cookbook, I decided to give the biscuits a try. Double chocolate chip cookies with marshmallow sounded too decadent to resist.

The recipe was simple to follow, a basic biscuit recipe with overdoses of chocolate, butter, sugar, and more chocolate. The recipe calls for the cookies to be flattened with a wet metal spoon, however I found I lost a lot of mixture this way and determined that spreading the dough onto the tray was a more effective approach. I must admit to accidentally adding too much water when heating the marshmallow, which led it to become syrupy rather than maintaining its fluffy form.

Still, overall I wasn’t ecstatic about the resulting biscuits. The recommended cooking temperature just wasn’t right. Ensuring the biscuits were fully cooked in the middle meant baking the edges to the cusp of being overdone. This despite sticking to the specified cooking time. To be fair, the oven I was using is broken, but in a manner that should lead to general loss of temperature, not inconsistent cooking.

Furthermore, I didn’t feel that the marshmallow topping worked. It sounded great in principle, but the reality was a sickly sweetness that just didn’t blend with the richness of the chocolate chip biscuit. I have difficulty believing this would have been any different had I added the correct amount of water.

Still, everyone who tried them gave positive feedback to varying degrees. Some really enjoyed them, while others agreed that the marshmallow detracted from the delight of the biscuit itself. So the conclusion is that with Cox Cookies and Cake consisting of so many other fabulous recipes crying out to be attempted, I’m not certain this one will get a second airing.



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